Friday, December 05, 2008

Liar Liar

Remember when the Colonel claimed he'd never surf Salt Creek again?

Well, that bastard fucking LIED.

He paddled out yesterday, and it was okay. He saw an old college fried, Scott Finn, out in the water, which was nice. But then he had to listen to some retarded high school kid scream at everyone for an hour, and that made his ears hurt. (The Colonel did, however, shove the aforementioned retarded high school kid out of the way when the little shit faked going right on an obvious left, and scored a nice little left while squeezing a "Fuck, bro!" out of said fucktard.)

So TODAY, thinking he might be on a Salt Creek upswing, The Colonel disregarded all of Kenny's good advice about knowing when to hold, fold, walk, and run, and instead threw the dice again.

In return, The Colonel got to enjoy two solid hours of ridiculous high tide dumpers on the sand, which is fun if you're from Laguna and love skimboarding, but sucks if you're fat and slow and actually interested in standing up and riding waves.

The Colonel says, "No can hear, got sand in my ear."