Monday, April 09, 2007

Adios HB

After 4 years in Huntington Beach, the Colonel is being restationed.

San Clemente. And yes, go ahead and heckle. Talega.

For those of you that know, just skip ahead to the "comments" section and do your worst. For those of you that don't, Talega is a planned community that covers pretty much all of southeast San Clemente. It's a MASSIVE development. Thousands of homes spread over 3,500 acres and subdivided into about 30 different neighborhoods.

And, yes, it's full on Wisteria Lane, or Agrestic, or Stepford, or any other suburban parody you care to throw out there. Essentially middle class "luxury" homes filled with 30-something parents, SUVs, and toddlers named Connor and Madison (maybe a few more tramp stamps and Rainbow sandals than you'd find in a similar neighborhood in Ohio, but I'm not kidding's the same deal).

So are we looking at a whole new era in the blogtastic world of Charlie Don't Surf? Could be. We'll just have to see.

So, goodbye 6th St. Goodbye pier. Goodbye 345 days of rideable surf. Goodbye Christian Republican surfer skinhead tattoo artists. Goodbye 3 AM noise complaint hotline on speed dial. Goodbye Normitas, the slowest Mexican takeout on the planet (but also one of the best). Goodbye Duke's. Goodbye US Open. Goodbye fucking paintball tournament on the beach. Goodbye rusty, sandy Electra cruiser bike covered in melted surf wax. Goodbye HSS. Goodbye Jack's. Goodbye 8 miles of dirty, trash-covered beaches. Goodbye offshore oil drilling.

Hello Trestles. Hello Pedro's Tacos. Hello Rip Curl. Hello T-Street. Hello clean beaches. Hello blue water. Hello San-O with my log and my kids. Hello parking passes. And most importantly, hello suburban cul-de-sac packed to the rafters with kids and bikes and dogs.

And let's not forget to say hello to HB nostalgia. For as much as this town drives me insane, The Colonel has some pretty great memories from the past 4 years. The surfing alone was more than worth the price of admission.

So stay tuned for memory lane. And after that, stay tuned for tales from a new town.

The Colonel says, "Ah, HB. Those were the days."