Monday, June 12, 2006

Hola, Eddy

Who knows what a Coastal Eddy is? Raise your hand.

Yes, you. The kid eating the paste in the corner and picking his nose. Please stand and tell the class.

"Coastal eddys are basically just small low pressure systems that develop some nights out over the Pacific off the Southern California coast. This small low pressure system spins up moisture from out over the water eastward and onto our coastline. The result is usually a cloudy, breezy start to the upcoming day. BURP!"

Excellent. You may sit and resume picking and eating.

So, for the past week or so, we've had COASTAL EDDY CONDITIONS here in Orange County. In other words, every morning it's cloudy with light onshore winds.

Which kind of sucks.

BUT, we've also had waves. I don't think we've had a single day in over a week that hasn't served up at least a few head-high sets.

Which, as Carl the Assistant Groundskeeper said after being told by the Lama that upon his deathbed he'd receive total consciousness, is nice.

So what else is going on in HB?

In a lot of ways we've just sort of settled in to this kind of late Spring holding pattern. Decent (enough) waves, funky weather, warm (enough) water, and small (enough) crowds.

On Saturday morning, Dwyer Middle School was having their end-of-the-year surf team contest. It was fun watching the little groms splash around in the dumpy shorebreak, especially during the "air contest", during which ONE kid actually managed to coax his fins partially out of the water.

I'm actually not sure which was more entertaining for the handful of tourists on the beach - the 13 year-olds trying to get airborne in 3 foot shorebreak, or my 3 year-old son in his size 3T wetsuit, running to the water's edge, face planting, running back up the beach, face planting in hole I'd dug for him in the sand, and running back to the water (repeat 12-14 times until in need of juice and pretzels).

Oh, and BTW, Timmy Turner paddled out the other day for the first time since he got sick. Good for him. HB needs more surfers like TT - a worldly, creative, international ambassador, and not the usual tatted-up dirtbag or ex-con born-again (ok, he is a born again, but we'll let him slide since I don't think he spends his time in Indo trying to "convert the savages").

Big up to Dixon, a classic SD mate and a fixture at the South Mission Jetty. The skinny-legged one is getting hitched and some of the boys will be getting a few houses at Las Gaviotas in Baja this weekend. It has actually been a couple of years since the last Mex trip, so that should be fun.

The Colonel says, "Relajar, por favor."