Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Force Quit

Dwindling swell, accompanied by continuing crappy weather and morning winds.

Kind of an anticlimactic way to kick off this new era of freedom.

Today, though, the weather was finally nice. The sun came out, the wind never really made an appearance, and even though it was small and kind of backed-off, mushy, and high-tide all day, I had a great session.

A buddy stopped by on his way to see his new chick in LA, we grabbed the bikes, and trunked it leashless on the Northside for 2 hours. Glassy little peaks, warm(er) water - prolly 66 degrees - and hot sand on the beach. Not to mention more tramp stamps than I've ever seen in one afternoon. Plus I finally fixed the hole on the underside of my Sauritch hybrid, which rides like a fish but with better turns off the bottom (thank you Solarez, the lazy man's ding repair kit).

BTW, for the geeks out there, I am posting today's blog for the first time ever on a Mac. After 10 years as a venomous Mac hater (I started out on Macs when they introduced the damn things - R.I.P. Apple IIe - but rebelled in the mid-90's when they turned into unstable pieces of shit). I turned in my corporate-issued IBM laptop yesterday, walked into the Apple store and walked out $3600 poorer, but with a new 15" PowerBook G4 with a 1.67 Mhz processor, 1 gig of RAM, 100 gigs of storage, and all kinds of bells and whistles, including Final Cut and a drive that rips and burns DVDs.

Video clips for Charlie Don't Surf? Let's raise a Pacifico to that.

Anyhow, that was the good news. The bad news is that a lot of the compatibility issues between Mac stuff and PC stuff still exists and in less than an hour I managed to wipe my iPod clean of all music, corrupt my Seagate external hard drive with 10 years of backed-up data on it (including all of my music which took me MONTHS to rip), and strip all the contact info out of my phone courtesy of a very confused Bluetooth connection.

I'm staying positive though. The iPod needed to be reformatted for OS X anyway, the hard drive probably needed to be re-formatted or replaced anyway (and I'm optimistic some nice data recovery folks can retrieve the majority of the data), and 90% of my phone contacts were saved to the SIM card.

Plus it's warm, there's a swell on the way, and as soon as this homegrown troubleshooting gets too much, I'm going surfing.

The Colonel says, "Think different."